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English competition


Eight eighth graders were chosen to participate in an English language competition in Ostrava on February 21-22 along with 14 other schools from the Ostrava area.


Here are the details from their perspective.


"Our trip started because Lauren invited us and a couple more students of our age. Then on the 21st of February at 12:30pm we went to the train station. After that we had a four hour ride in a Regiojet train. Then when we arrived we went to a school to sleep in. We also ordered pizza when we were there and we played some games.  After that we watched a film and we then went to sleep.

We woke up at 6:30am so we would have time to clean the room. After breakfast we went to a high school called AHOL. We arrived at 8:00am. First we wrote a knowledge test about America. When we ended it we took a photo (which looks really weird) and then we started an activity game. We split into two teams and we started going around in classes. In each class they gave us a task about a specific superhero or movie. Halfway through the game we stopped and went to lunch. For lunch we had a pizza and coke. After lunch we resumed the game.

We stayed there for basically the whole day completing some superhero themed team activities. After that we went to the train station. We arrived there at 2:53pm then we went home and arrived in Prague at 6:00pm."


In our opinion…


Kuba: I think it was an awesome trip. I totally enjoyed it. I think we did pretty good in the competition too. I hope there will be an opportunity to go next year too.
Jonas: For me it was great because I learned and practiced my English and also enjoyed it there.


Autoři článku: Jakub Chudoba & Jonáš Dolenský


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