Abigail Kathryn Musgrave


English Conversation Teacher

Classical Studies BA (Hons) Durham University, Durham, England

Further education
Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
International House Certificate in Advanced Methodology (IH CAM)
International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teens (IH CYLT)

Activities at school
Since 2022, I have been teaching English Conversation to students in the fifth class and higher.

In my free time I like to read a wide range of literature, with a particular interest in Classics. I enjoy attending plays and travelling when I can to visit classical sites in Italy, Greece and beyond. I have a deep interest in cooking and enjoy find and experimenting with new recipes whenever I can.

What did I enjoy the most at school?
My favourite subjects were History, Classical Civilisations, Maths, Philosophy & Ethics, and Languages. I was particularly passionate about Italian, and my teacher in the subject is an inspiration for me to this day in the creative ways you can teach a language.

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